the SAUROPODA (7 output)

    2,891.003,055.00 ex VAT

    With a lot of noise and disturbance from inside your home, there’s also a lot of noise coming from outside. When cleaning up this noise a new world will open up when listening to your favorite music.

    We’ve created this line conditioner in a relative small case that you can just put in your hifi rack. With the seven outlets there is enough room for most of the hifi equipment. Where traditional filtering leads noise to ground that can picked up by your audio equipment, we use parallel filtering that reacts as a high frequency short circuit.

    Filtering will start to work from 100Hz en will increase when the frequency rises. We measured a decrease from 80 dB on 40 kHz. It’s absolute silent and will clean up your power in the best way possible. Enjoy new dynamics and details you have never heard before!


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